Star Pupil is a unique optical outlet that is designed to serve the needs of children, tweens and teens.  No longer are your frame choices limited to that offered by optical stores that cater primarily to adults.  On the contrary, we offer a superb selection of the latest frames, great prices and focus our practice on the under 18 year old population. Helping people look great and see great is our top priority.  Our well trained staff takes pride in our commitment to value for money, top quality optical care and patient satisfaction. Our services are tailored to suit our customers' tastes as well as their budget.


We also offer a wide variety of products to aid in the successful care of the vision of the your child including contact lenses, protective eye wear, sports eye wear, patching supplies and computer training software.


We also specialize in helping in the care of adults with double vision and strabismus.  We can fill complicated prism prescriptions and have a wide variety of Fresnel press-on prisms. 


Please give us a try and we are sure you will be glad you did!  If you have questions about Star Pupil or our services, please do not hesitate to call.


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